Types of Passports

A passport can be defined as an official certificate that recognizes an individual as a citizen of a given country. It is the document that states who you are. It includes your name, date of birth, place of birth and the gender of the owner. It also acts as a travel permit allowing you to leave your country as well as permitting you to visit another country.


The various kinds of permits that are in use include ordinary, family, diplomatic, official and also emergency passports. The travel permit is usually in the form of a booklet that has various pages in which a stamp known as a visa is stamped. With a visa, you are now entitled to go into the country of your choice legally. So let’s look at different types of passports, such as :



Ordinary passport

Ordinary passport is usually (dark blue cover) and is given to ordinary citizens for normal travel, such as study, for vacation, and business trips.


Diplomatic and Official passports

Diplomatic passports are those passports issued to the first-ranked government/Authority Directors, and they have maroon color on the outer covering.

Official and Diplomatic passports are usually assigned only to individuals administering conventional and diplomatic government trade and are limited to individuals in specific sections and roles.

Official and Diplomatic passports usually don’t bestow on the owner any exclusive rights or rights. Individual countries may consult, at their discretion, select rights to holders of Diplomatic and Official passports.


Biometric passport

Biometric devices use the physical and behavioral traits of individuals to authenticate their identities. Gait, hand measurement, the retinas and the irises of the eye, the face pattern, the fingerprint, the voice, the face contour and the signature of an individual are used to identify him or her. The biometric technology is one of the latest in those introduced, to make passports more secure and tamper-proof. The passport has an embedded electronic chip, which makes the passport behave more or less like a smart card.


Where To Apply

The process of acquiring a permit is quite simple. All you require to perform is go to a Passport Agency in your country and fill out a form with your details. You then give the authorities a recent photograph. A processing fee may also be charged.




One of the benefits of having an authorization document is that it will assist people to know who you are. You could be in a particular country, and due to unpredictable circumstances, you may be in some trouble. This travel permit is what you shall use to identify yourself at the Embassy of your country and have them assist you in whatever way is necessary. Without it, you cannot claim that you are from a particular country. You have no evidence to prove it.

The great thing about having a passport card is that it’s so convenient to use. This is mainly because of the radio frequency identification (RFID) chip that’s embedded on your card. Now all Customs have to do is to scan your card, and they will get all the information they need to provide proof of your identity and citizenship.

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