Things to bring for 30 days of Travelling

Travelling always provides an enjoyable experience. But, one thing that is very confusing especially when you plan on traveling for 30 days is what you should pack. Yes, it can be a hustle, but that doesn’t have to worry anymore. In this article, we will be covering things that you need to bring with you on a month travel period.


But, before we look at what you should pack, let’s look at some very basic rules that you need to observe when packing.




1. Don’t Pack Too Much

Travelling can be risky. Some people have lost their packages due to the simple fact that they had too much luggage such that they couldn’t keep track of all of it. Make sure that you bring with you all that fits in your carry-on bag. That way, you can track your belongings easily.


2. Don’t Carry Hardcover Books

Books are great. But, hardcover books will only add unnecessary weight to your package. Nowadays, it is very easy to enjoy reading books on modern devices, examples being your phone or tablet.


3. Always Take More Money Than You Need

This can act as an insurance policy. When traveling, you are wandering into the unknown which is risky. Make sure that all these risks are covered by carrying extra cash with you.


4. Investigate Your Destination Before You Pack

Different destinations may require different packing. For example, when you are visiting a coastal town during the summer season, the kind of packing you will need to do is different from when you are visiting a country in Europe during winter.


5. Carry Wrinkle Free Clothes

You don’t need to be stuck with the hustle that comes with ironing your clothes every day. You would better be enjoying exploring the new city.

Now that you know the rules for packing let’s look at the things you should bring on your next 30-day travel period.




1. Aim at maximizing Mixing and Matching of your Clothes

It is true that you are traveling for 30 days. But this does not mean that you need to carry with you thirty different outfits. The perfect wardrobe for a traveler whose aim is to travel light for as a long as a month is to carry clothes that he or she can match into a variety of outfits.


2. Pick a Spacious Carry-on bag

You need to select a carry-on bag that can expand enough to accommodate as much of your items as possible. You should also make sure that the bag is not too big as this can become too bulky for you.


3. Packing List to Guide You:


a) Pack two casual shoes that you can use both at night and during the day
b) Ten t-shirts.
c) Five pairs of socks.
d) At least seven button-up shirts.
e) Eight bottoms. These you can choose whatever you want. Choices include shorts, jeans, pants or even swim trunks.
f) One warm sweater.
g) At least fifteen pairs of underwear.
h) Two belts. These you should roll to minimize the space that they occupy in your carry-on bag.
i) You can carry at least two long-sleeved cotton shirts.
j) A pair of flip flops



a) You should pack two pairs of flats. These shoes are not bulky, and they also don’t occupy a lot of space.
b) A single wedge shoe that is comfortable for you to use during the day and at night.
c) A pair of sneakers for you to work out in.
d) A variety of bottoms. These may include shorts, pants or jeans. Carry at least six of these.
e) Two skirts that do not get wrinkled easily.
f) A set of pajamas. You can carry two of them.
g) At least two dresses which you can wear comfortably both during the day and at night.
h) At least ten tops should be able to cover your needs perfectly.
i) You can carry a pair of scarves.
j) Carry at least one warm sweater.
k) Carry with you at least two long-sleeved shirts.

Now that you have selected what you will need to pack, the other tricky part involves packing them in your bag. Let’s look at how you should pack your bag.



The best way to pack your carry-on bag involves packing it from the bottom of your body while moving up. This means that your shoes should be placed at the very bottom while your tops, shirts, and scarves should be at the very top. Also, make sure that you compress every stack of your clothing to reduce the space they occupy.



Packing for your 30 days worth of travel doesn’t have to be complicated anymore. This guide provides you with everything that you need to know. The key things that you need to note when packing is that you need to keep your luggage as small as possible. Also, don’t forget about bringing more than enough money with you. This will make sure that you can handle any situation that may arise.