The Various Class Types in an Airplane

All airlines offer their passengers, different classes, to travel in depending on their financial status. The classes range from Economy Class which is the most affordable all the way to First Class where the passenger is accrued maximum comfort. When it comes to long international or intercontinental flights, the airlines offer the three-cabin configuration. These class types in airplanes are the Economy, Business, and First Class.



Here is where basic accommodation is offered. It is the most affordable of all classes and takes up almost all the seats on the plane. The typical seat plan of an Economy Class comprises of rows; four seats are placed in the plane’s middle whereas three seats are each placed on the plane’s left and right side. The seats here have an average width of 18 inches and a leg room of 32 inches.



The Premium Economy Class is slightly better than the regular Economy Class regarding accommodation. For one, the seats are wide enough to allow the passenger good sleep. Secondly, this class allows leg room of up to 38 inches. The personal televisions here are also wider, and the drink and snack service is a wide range so one can explore his options. Baggage allowance is also greater than that of the standard Economy Class.



When it comes to Business Class, the average width of the seats is 21 inches. This provides for comfortable seating as there is room for movement. The leg room is 57 inches, and this much space can significantly reduce muscle cramps in the passenger. The seating plan comprises of rows. There are two seats adjacent to each other on the left side of the plane, three adjacent in the middle and two others on the right side of the airplane. Business Class passengers are usually accommodated with entertainment services and high-quality food.
Furthermore, meals in this class are served on original china, and the seats can be adjusted into flat beds.



It is safe to say that First Class is indeed the pinnacle of traveling. It is usually placed upstairs or at the front of the aircraft. The width of the seats here is 2 inches more than those of Business Class. Roomy seats and a highly trained crew ensure utmost comfort in your journey.
The leg room also extends to 85 inches or more depending on the airline. Passengers here experience the best in-flight services because the attendee to traveler ratio is high. Other than cocktails and wine, superior foods are also served in First Class. Some airlines even provide shower spas, and this is accompanied by heated floors. Once you get into your room, chances are you will sleep with no interruptions whatsoever until the end of the flight.



While it is understandable that anyone would want to have the best experience in air travel, it is also important to note that all these classes are created to cater for different classes of people. Not everyone will be able to afford that Business Class or First Class ticket. You should not go out of your way to break the bank for expensive tickets because, in the end, all passengers reach their desired destination at the same time. Safety and flight service comes first, therefore, you should take time to research on airlines which will favor your financial status.

Nathaniel Padron
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